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About the artist:
Hi I'm Dennis this is my First topic ever so hopefully you will enjoy it :D Well as you know from now on, I'm Dennis living right now in the Netherlands. I work as an IT guy on a help-desk. My tasks are there to install pc/laptops. I love to hear music and I'm drilled to learn from all of you guys and girls to make music. When I listen to the music, I'm one with the sound and drums. What I like mostly is when a DJ is mixing two tracks. It's also so beautiful if you hear a 5 or 8 min. later the repeat of sick words and its fit perfectly on the number that's playing at that moment.

My own Tracks: Sorry I own no tracks yet.

Styles: House, Hardcore, Techno, Drum&Bass, Top40, Latin, Hardstyle, Franchecore, Oldskool, Hiphop, Trance

Whereabouts: Born and raised in the Netherlands

Favorite own tracks: Don't have an own track. Hopefully in the future

Favorite own album: I don't have an album yet maybe in the future

Collaborated with: Richard Molenkamp

Prefers to use: I just looking around, hope you guys can help me out in the future

Started making music in: 2017, just a noob :oops:

Favorite artists: Day-mar - Feel Terror cloud your senses.
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looking forward to what kind of tracks you'll make mate ;)
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