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Writing a good article can be a tough task. And like with many other arts, you'll have to get creative in order to do so. After all; simply copy/pasting information will not really make the article truly yours. And if people would find out you're doing this, it will in most cases only result into you losing all credibility as reporter. On the other hand; If you do succeed in writing good articles, it is an awesome feeling to see those counters go up, views, hearts etc. As any other artist, you're building an own audience.

So how do some of us do it? How come some of us seem to be having plenty of hearts (likes) on this forum as if it were all that easy? Well, my answer would be: because they took the time for writing such articles, while also knowing a few things about the 'art of writing an article' beforehand.
I'll try to explain a few things I know and use myself, hoping they might help you on your way to become a better (starting) reporter/heart-seeker.

1: Research
  1. Find out what people like to read (and what you like to write about), and make a list of those options
    * Take your time for this. The more good options you'll find, the less often you'll have to go look for them
    * When reporting for a forum, like this one, it's wise to figure out what the crowd here likes in order to score some hearts (likes) by checking what other topics are popular
    * Finding good topics to write about can also be done by simply checking out certain popular media sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. Do keep in mind that with many of these sources fact checking becomes necessary, but they can be amazingly useful when looking for a new flow of information to write about. And if a topic seems to be a hoax, it can be an evenly interesting topic to write about nonetheless. So your research time will not be wasted after all
    * Many other good topics to write about you will find during your daily life. Just be sure to write it down whenever one pops into your mind
  2. Pick a topic of that same list to write about
    * Be sure you yourself are at that time interested enough in that topic you choose to spend some time into it
    * If there is no such topic on the list, you might want to consider to go one step back, or just wait until you feel a bit more creative
  3. Look for sources of information, such as other articles and/or videos, and start researching them (watching, reading and fact-checking)
  4. During this research; write down (in rough lines) the things you'd like to write about in your article, and don't forget to write down where you've got that material from
  5. If you have done enough research, your memory, in combination with the notes you've made, should provide you with the information needed for writing a good article
    * A good reporter will try to write a better report than the sources did from where he or she got the information. It's part of the game for those who want to be better or the best
    * If you still fail to make a full story, just go one step back

2: Report
  1. First write down your headlines and basics of the story. This way it becomes easier to write a good story-line, and easier to focus on each separate matter
  2. Write the article as you would like to read it
    * And if you do not have a style of yourself yet, go check out the style of others and learn of them in order to create your own
  3. Dare to delete and rewrite the parts you think aren't good enough (yet!)
  4. When finished with writing, read the entire article yourself once more to experience how the reader would experience it
    * When reading it, you'll notice that quite often some sentence might be correct, yet slightly weird when being read as being part of a complete article. Only a 'finished' article can give you a good impression on how the flow of information acts towards it's reader.

3: Layout
  • A good layout will not only make your article look more professional, but also makes it easier and more attractive to read
  • Using a strong title will make your article more likely to be read, but keep in mind that it should give a clear indication about what is in the article
    * The SEO, or 'Search Engine Optimization' needs this so other people on the internet can also find your article. So if you like to go for the big numbers, you'll have to make sure this at least is in order
  • Add (some) images to put some more life into your articles
  • Use that preview button (a lot!) during this process

4: Feedback (& improve if needed)
  1. The first form of constructive feedback, during the process of researching and writing the article, should always come from yourself only. Take the time to read what you've wrote and improve when you feel it should be improved
  2. The second form of constructive feedback should come after you've finished your 1st version of a full article. This form of feedback should be a combination of your own and of others from who you believe you can get useful feedback. Never just agree with someone unless you fully agree with the decision yourself; it is your article after all, and you should stand fully behind it
  3. There is no third form of feedback....you can let it go now. Done is done xD


So that's it. Simply follow the steps and create your own path afterwards. Create your own style and be sure to know what you're writing about. Form an own audience, and be sure to get that precious feedback! Learn and improve, like any type of artist should; We please the crowd!
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Daniëlle Veldman
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Awesome post. I really got stuck at chosing an interesting topic, but now I've got something in mind :) Thank you, keep it up! :mrgreen:
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