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Title: Subnautica
Expected release date: January 16, 2018
Developed by: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Game engine: Unity
Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Genre(s): Adventure & survival game


It's not often that a game can still amaze me as much as Subnautica did the past weeks. And that while it isn't even fully finished yet. But the early access does already reveal plenty of interesting stuff, thus placing a soft bandage on the wound made by the formerly launched survival/build game 'No Man's Sky (developed by: Hello Games)'. Finally: again a survival game that does amaze and amuse enough to become another legendary title on the list!

A lot in the game is the same as in many other survival games: you start with nothing and you will have to find ways to improve your chance of survival by assembling together pretty much anything you can find around you. And this while you are being attacked from all sides while also, in the meanwhile, trying to uncover the story behind all of this.

As with 'No Man's Sky', you will have to make use of a scanner in order to learn of and about your environment, while mining and scavenging together the materials needed for building whatever is already available on your list of recipes. Aside from this you'll have to set up a camp (or multiple camps) where you can store and create even better items in order to become an even better survivalist. You'll make use of flashlights to see in the dark and you can (eventually) make several vehicles in order to travel faster, further and/or deeper. Some weapons are added to scare off creatures who are trying to attack you, and the makers also added a variety of game-play settings with which you can decide yourself how difficult this game will be.

But the developers did add a lot of other new ideas to this concept too, such as the fact that you are most of the time under water, swimming through narrow caves and past the colorful lifeforms that live in this alien sea.
Just that unnatural feeling you get when diving into the deepest parts of this open underwater world, and how the creatures react to this environment themselves, are things that will be definitely burned into your memory afterwards. I don't want to spoil too much, but one thing is for sure: A lot more will happen around you than you'd expect when starting to play this game.

So overall an amazing and quite original game, well... except for the fact that it still isn't finished yet.
If you are a fan of a good story line, you will have to still be patient, since you cannot finish this game until the developers have placed in all the things needed for doing so. And that can be pretty annoying when you have figured out and collected almost everything that is around you. But until you are this far, you will almost certainly have a good time while doing so. Especially when you're a fan of the survival genre.
I trust in this game to become a more well known title when it is fully finished, thus then raising the score I gave below with at least 1 point.



- A must for those who like games in which you can explore an almost magical environment
- It can easily keep you busy for days (if not weeks) in a row
- Underwater and hardly any boundaries, so you can directly go in all directions when starting to explore
- A survival game with an interesting story line

- The game is not finished yet, and has been on 'early access' for quite a while now. The main story isn't finished yet.
- Developers seem to still adjust quite crucial aspects of the game in order to balance its game-play
- For those who are less patient, the long swims can soon become annoying
- It can sometimes become a bit lonely when playing the game alone



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