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In order to grow a new strong community, we'll need to re-create and maintain a stable flow of interesting information. And therefore we would normally only address crew & members that showed potential as reporter. But this time we're going to add another approach to our concept: We're going to develop a new reporter course. Or better said; it's already being developed! In the past there was no chance you could sign up for such a PGR course, so why should you care, right?

Now as with the already active basic programming course, you cannot simply sign up for it....well, not yet that is. Aside from the fact that it is of course not finished yet, and aside from that we, as usual, do prefer to first thoroughly test out and improve the course where we can (to bring it to the certain quality as is expected of us), we also first need to make PGR itself ready for the incoming changes.

But if you can be a bit patient, you will notice something else will be different than before: both of these courses will be eventually also available to the public, thus giving also others a chance to experience the way we teach and inspire our own crew for such a long time already (since 2008). And afterwards we will start adding even more new courses to our new list, so you might want to stay in touch to see if we might be able to offer you something interesting as well!

More about this soon!
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